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Weone Rental - Car Sharing App

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Weone Rental, initially developed by offshore developers, lacked user-centric design. To facilitate scalability and improve customer experience, we plan to launch a native app tailored to meet their specific needs after a successful one-year trial of the concept.

Our two-designer team collaborated with stakeholders, business analysts, testers, and engineers to execute Requirement Gathering, Brainstorming, Design System, Wireframes, UI Design, and Prototyping phases for the application.

The Problem

The current app lacks a seamless user experience, resulting in customer journey confusion, a complex sign-up process, inaccuracies in background checks, and difficulties in finding the perfect car for rental. Our goal is to address these pain points and create a user-friendly iOS native app that seamlessly guides users from sign-up to booking by providing real-time education and a user-centric design language.


To achieve easy onboarding, a fundamental rethinking of the entire process is required to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for users.

  • User: Easy to use app to book near by car
    Business: Offers an intuitive and seamless rental experience, thereby attracting a broader customer base and fostering user loyalty.


Develop an iOS native app with a user-centric design language, providing real-time education to seamlessly guide users from sign-up to booking while addressing pain points in the current rental journey.

Design Process

In our design process, we prioritize effective stakeholder collaboration by engaging in long calls and extensive questionnaires to collect all necessary information. With the insights gained, we facilitate brainstorming sessions to generate creative ideas and feature concepts, which are then organized into a cohesive mind map. The next step involves swiftly creating low-fidelity prototypes that undergo validation and feedback rounds to ensure they align with user expectations. Once approved, we proceed to build a comprehensive design system that maintains consistency across the project. Throughout the development phase, we work closely with developers to guarantee a smooth implementation while preserving design integrity. Continuous user feedback plays a pivotal role in our process, allowing us to iterate and fine-tune the designs for continuous improvement, ultimately resulting in a user-centric and highly refined final product.

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How It Works
Onboarding Experience

To offer users a seamless experience, we request all necessary permissions, such as location and notifications, upon their first app launch. By doing so, we ensure a smoother user journey from the outset, minimizing disruptions and providing tailored services based on user preferences.

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User Login & Verification

We streamlined the login process by simplifying the flow and requesting primary details, along with mandatory credit card addition for booking convenience. Additionally, we ensure user verification by requesting a valid driving license photo, verifying users' eligibility and enhancing safety measures.

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Car Selection with Filters

By simply inputting pickup and drop locations, along with start and end date & time, users gain access to a curated list of available cars, customizable through intuitive filtering options. Additionally, an interactive map view provides real-time car locations, ensuring a seamless and informed selection process.

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Streamlined Booking Process

Our simplified 3-click booking journey offers a user-friendly UI, hiding secondary information under convenient drawers for a clutter-free experience. Additionally, clear booking loaders and confirmation notifications keep users informed at every step, ensuring a seamless and confident booking process.

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User Assistance & Reporting Features

We empower users with access to helpful features like FAQs and chat support for seamless guidance. Additionally, users can report car damage or accidents when needed, ensuring a safe and transparent rental experience.

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The user research and feedback-driven approach allowed for the creation of a product adapted precisely to users' needs, resulting in a seamless and end-to-end experience. By leveraging personas and addressing pain points early in the design process, the final product delivered a highly user-centric solution that resonated with the target audience, maximizing user satisfaction and engagement.

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