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Overview focuses on enabling brands & digital marketing managers to leverage social proof to enhance website revenue, boost social media engagement, and foster a community of loyal customers. With a strong focus on user-friendliness, we ensures that even newcomers to the platform can easily onboard, create their own UGC widgets, and publish them on their websites, driving tangible business results.

I was the main designer working on this application with a team of Stakeholders and few engineers.

The Problem

The current onboarding process for users on presents significant challenges in terms of simplicity and user-friendliness. Users are required to navigate through multiple steps to obtain the necessary code. This complex process hampers the goal of easy onboarding, necessitating a comprehensive redesign of the entire onboarding workflow on the Idukki platform.


To achieve easy onboarding, a fundamental rethinking of the entire process is required to ensure a seamless and intuitive experience for users.

  • User - Easy to use platform to manage their UGC

  • Business - Attract a larger client base and convert them to upgraded paid plans


Expecting that new users will know how to use application and reach till final outcome is a crucial part but it can also be technically complex. The most difficult part about designing this application was restructure and addressing all potential error states and edge cases that can occur. To maintain trust with users and to ensure that they have seamless experience, we used concise copy and clear visuals to help them understand what was happening at each step.

goals 2.png

​In order to redesign the application to better align with user preferences, extensive research and testing were conducted. This included competitor research to gain insights into industry best practices and three rounds of user testing. The user testing process involved gathering feedback from stakeholders and incorporating iterations based on their input to ensure the application met user needs and expectations.

One area of focus was the creation and management of widgets, which was found to be more complex than initially anticipated. With, users are provided with a user-friendly solution for creating, managing, curating, and publishing their collections of user-generated content. The platform simplifies the process by allowing users to connect social media sources, add relevant hashtags to gather UGC, tag products in UGC posts, seek creator approval, add additional feeds, manually add media, and curate the collection to align with their website's branding and more.

Identifying and addressing complex challenges like these were among the key findings during the user research sessions. By validating potential solutions before implementation, the aim was to create a streamlined and intuitive experience for users.

How It Works
Onboarding Process

The implementation of a step-by-step onboarding process, along with clear information, titles, and a progress bar, has been found to be highly effective in guiding users and increasing their engagement with a product. Additionally, providing users with a structured and informative onboarding experience improves their understanding of the product, leading to further exploration and active participation.

Add Product & Product Tagging

Manual and hotspot product tagging features in widget creation, users can effortlessly tag all their products, enabling easy access to product links.

product tagging.png
Manage Collection

Efficiently managing multiple collections and user-generated content (UGC) is facilitated through features such as pinning, product tagging, and creator approval etc. These streamlined functionalities enable users to effectively organize UGC, ensuring seamless management and quality control for improved user experience and content organization.

manage collection 3.png
Cuarte Collection

These intuitive side panel features empower users to effortlessly create visually appealing collections and customize their curated content, resulting in an enhanced user experience and increased engagement.

curate collection 4.png
Approve UGC 

Integrating user-friendly features for approving or rejecting user-generated content (UGC) uploaded by creators streamlines the approval process, facilitating efficient content moderation.

import product.png

The user feedback received after launching the redesigned product was overwhelmingly positive, with many users able to create their first widget within minutes of creating a new account. This positive sentiment has translated into increased user retention and engagement, showcasing the effectiveness of the new design. The improved user experience and streamlined processes have contributed to higher user satisfaction, leading to greater platform usage and continued engagement. Overall, the successful launch of the redesigned product has had a tangible impact on user satisfaction, retention, and active participation on

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